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Eytam Robotics develops and provides robotic educational systems for developing multidisciplinary logical-engineering thinking within students. Eytam Rotobics provides robotic educational systems for all grades, starting at kindergartens, through basic and middle schools, and up to high-schools and collages.
Robotraffic 2014 robotic competition took place in the Technion - Israel Istitute of Technology on 20.3.14.

Eytam Robotics supplies complete solutions for education systems - all educational systems are provided with a full curriculum, lesson plans and thorough documentation. Additionally, we provide full training for teachers and tutors.

Mambo - an Educational Robotic System

Mambo (a.k.a MamaRobot) is an educational robotic system, designed to be taught at basic, middle and high schools. Mambo includes several robotic kits, as well as a programming environment for controlling the robot.


Mama - an educational programming language for building 3D animations and games

Mama is an educational programming language and development environment for developing 3D animations and games.

Click here for Mama main page.

The development environment

The development environment has the following features:
  • building and editing of scenes
  • editing the program using drag & drop
  • rich object gallery
  • creation of new 3D objects
  • creation of movies and upload you Youtube and Facebook
  • users can create their own standalone Mama programs
  • for instructors: tool for creation of interactive tutorials

Example - A movie created using Mama and uploaded to Youtube

Download Mama - English version

  Download   Download Mama - English version 1.57!

Download file: mama-en-1.57-setup.exe